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Welcome to By Fiona G.

Hi i am Fiona and the face behind the brand. I have grown up always knowing i would be a hairdresser and now have over 10 years experience. I graduated from Andrew Collinge Hair in Liverpool as a Level 3 qualified hair dresser and also have taken specialist courses in colouring. Hair is my passion and i am committed to delivering on trend styles to my clients and always aim to be ahead of the curve. I love providing the whole service to my clients including a range of colouring techniques, extension fittings and my insta famous waves.

I decided to start my own brand BY FIONA G as i wanted to help my clients create some of the looks that i create in the salon chair. By designing my own combs and brushes this gives my customers the right tools to style their locks with the help of my online tutorials. 

Hope to see you soon in the salon chair,

Fiona xx